Your family's safety is a full time job, don't make it a part time practice.  

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Security Services

Your family is your top priority.

Your home is probably your largest investment.

Why not take the extra precaution of getting a home security system and monitoring for your residence?

You're a small business owner, and theft protection is a priority. Accel’s small business alarm systems offer a variety of solutions to help you protect your personnel & inventory. Need a camera system we have it all.

We offer our customers customized elder care solutions. Since we represent manufacturers of the all of the best major brands in the medical alarm industry, we are able to offer you this type of service and solution.

Who says you can't be everywhere at once? If you have a laptop, smartphone or any web-enabled device, you've got everything you need to look in on your home, family or business wherever you are over the Internet.

Get Protected…

Get Protected...

Get Protected ...

Get Protected...

When it comes to security, comfort and convenience, homeowners look to Honeywell. In fact, more homes in the United States and Canada are protected with Honeywell security systems than those of any other manufacturer. At Honeywell, we know that your security comes from knowing you’ve made the very best choice for your family’s protection.

 LYNX Touch self-contained security system